Vision and Purpose

So What If You Actually Paid Cash For Your Summer Vacation This Year? Here’s How

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have financial margin? To know that you are thriving with your money not just surviving? What would that look like for you? Can you imagine? Imagine… Paying cash for your summer vacation. Saving for your kids education, helping them graduate debt free. The freedom to…

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Two Big Questions Answered for Your and Your Friends Easter Weekend at Connexus

So this is the biggest weekend of the Christian year, and I believe, the weekend that marks the biggest event in human history. Chances are you’re gathering with friends and family this weekend. And finally, my guess is that you all have questions about why this weekend matters. We’re going to tackle the two biggest…

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Calling All Skeptics

Skeptical of Christianity? This weekend is for you. Chances are, you and your friends have questions about Christianity. Hard Questions. And important questions. After all, Christianity and the bible does make some pretty radical claims. Which leaves us with some challenging questions. You wonder…can the Christian faith stand up to them, or is Christianity simply…

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