Why We Need You To Make Yourself Available (Now)

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Ever wish God would use you to do something amazing? That you would experience what it’s like to see God work through you to bless others?

It can happen more easily than you think. And He will use you. 

Here's the secret:  God values availability even more than he values ability.

From Abraham to David to Moses to Jesus Himself, the Bible is full of people who God used to do something incredible, to change the course of history. What did they all have in common? They weren't sure they had what it took, but they made themselves available.

Will you make yourself available….now?

Here's why: at Connexus we have a unique opportunity right now. And we need you to help us seize it.

Our Children’s environments have grown over 40% in the past 6 months. As a result, we are in need of people right now who will make themselves available for the story God wants to write in the life of a child and their leader.

We have the space for more kids…we just need men and women to help serve in our children's environments to ensure they are safe and well staffed. Sadly, we've even turned families away the last little while because we just didn't have enough people ready to handle the kids who were coming. I imagine that breaks your heart. I promise you it breaks mine. Who wants to have to turn away the opportunity to share God's love with our kids?

One last thing…leaders who serve with us often discover they grow in their faith and they have an incredibly fun time doing it. (Our children's ministry team rocks!)

So, I'm asking.  Would you email [email protected]connexuscommunity.com today and simply make yourself available for a conversation about what your involvement in Waumba Land (ages 0-5), or Upstreet (ages 6-10) might look like?

When you make yourself available, we believe that God will start writing a bigger story in the life of many more kids, not to mention in yours.

Sincerely,  thanks for responding to this request.


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  1. Sabine says, April 4, 2014 at 8:55 am

    Dear Shawna
    I would come immediatelly. Sorry for being so far away.
    Greetings, Sabine

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