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InsideOut is a place for high school students where relationships and positive influences last longer and go deeper than you may have ever thought possible.

We believe in having a small group leader and a group of friends running in a positive spiritual direction together.

InsideOut students create great memories together and experience the timeless truths of God in a relevant way.

Students also serve together, realizing the power of serving others within our church community, local community, and global community.


We are back on Jan 18th, 2021, at our Barrie Campus all together to launch a new series called Alpha. Alpha is a series of sessions that freely explore the big questions of life. It’s an opportunity to meet new people, discover more about the Christian faith, and share your thoughts in a friendly environment.


InsideOut meets every Tuesday at 7 PM in Barrie at 20 Mills Road (central campus) and in Orillia at 505 Gill Street. (Orillia Christian School).

First Tuesday of every month, all campuses gather in Barrie for FUN games, EPIC worship, and some amazing LIVE teaching.

The rest of the month, students attend youth at their campuses.

Second Tuesday of the month, we have a regular night where we will play games as a group, continue the series we started the Tuesday before, and have small group time. This night is designed for students to have more time to engage with their small group and chat about what they have been thinking of the sermon series for the month.

Third Tuesday, we call CREW NIGHT, this night is designed for students to connect even more with their small groups and leaders, from hanging out around a bonfire to serving at a local charity. CREW NIGHT is designed to help build relationships within their small group.

Last Tuesday of the month is GAMES NIGHT. We do games all the time, but this night is entirely games. Youth are not boring, so why should the church be?! This night is designed for students to have a ton of fun!