How Do You Overcome Your Hypocrisy?

How do you overcome your hypocrisy?

It's a great question, because here's what I think is true: if more people who followed Jesus acted like Jesus, more people would follow Jesus.

In our Like Jesus series, we're trying to figure out just how to do that.

I spoke recently with David Kinnaman, President of the Barna Group and author of the recent study that showed more American Christians are like hypocritical Pharisees in their attitudes and actions than they are like Jesus. (We reviewed this study in Part One of Like Jesus which you can access here.)

David has devoted much of his work to figuring out why Christianity today isn't resonating with non-Christians or even younger adults raised in the church. His bestselling books UnChristian and You Lost Me have defined the conversation for people today.

Listen in on this conversation to help you gain more insight into the problem facing Christians today and as David makes some suggestions on how to fix it.

[tentblogger-youtube D4eyH4J4GUM]

What question do you have about overcoming hypocrisy?

What's helped you take steps to overcome it? Leave a comment!


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