Because You’re Scared of the Video, Right?

Chances are you've thought about baptism.

But you haven't gone ahead and done it.


going public web 2

Well, you need to fill out the form. I realize that.

But my guess is the real fear is shooting and seeing your video.

You just don't want to shoot it.

You've never been on camera.

You don't have a dramatic story.

You're afraid you'll get tongue-tied.

You're afraid of how you'll look and sound on the big screen.

Well fear no more…just watch this video.

[tentblogger-youtube Q6qJN26RLNk]

So there you go. We know everyone's a-scared of the video but don't worry.

Just be yourself and we will edit you like crazy and you will look like a pro!

The stories you've heard have inspired you, amazed you and sometimes even moved you to tears.

Could you imagine that God might also use yours?

We are baptizing again at our campus over the next few months.

So now…who's ready to be baptized? Registration is easy, don't miss out!
– Carey


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  1. Willow says, February 3, 2014 at 10:32 pm

    That was fun : ) Sincere and humble. I like it.

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