Connexus Will Be Present in Simcoe County in a Big Way This Summer

Connexus is going to be present in Simcoe County in a big way this summer … literally.

Have you ever told someone about an experience or product you are excited about and they say: “I think I’ve seen that before in an ad or on Facebook. It looks interesting.”  

This connection really helps the conversation move forward and can even be a great thing to point towards. It gives you credibility. We want to be a church that helps you in that same way as we all point people to discover Jesus.

One of the things that makes inviting online easier is if your friends have already heard of our church. 

This summer we are going to be present in the community in a BIG way. Our goal is to grow 20% in the local attendance of our Connexus services! (I shared more here yesterday.) 

Check out Connexus on Highway 11

You’ve likely seen that traffic has picked up again, and we know that thousands of people will be driving up and down the Hwy 400/11 corridor this summer. 

Billboard space on this busy stretch of road has been impossible to obtain in past summers, but this year we noticed that some were still available. After a couple of inquiries, we are excited to announce that Connexus will have a BIG presence with two of the largest billboards facing south that invite people to check out Connexus online on their way up to cottage country. 

We hope that this exposure will connect people from Toronto to Simcoe County to Muskoka to our church for the very first time.

Reaching people with a free $10,000 Google Ad grant!

In addition to the billboards, your friends are going to see us online.

After months of work, our team has been awarded a $10,000 Google Ad grant. This grant gives us $10,000 of free promotion, and we’re targeting it all locally. Not only will people see us on the highway, but on their screens as well!

While our church buildings are closed, we’re going to be present in our community of Simcoe County on screens. We're excited to introduce ourselves to new people and invite them to church. We can’t wait to meet them online.

Here’s How You Can Help

To help us get the word out to people, like your friends, one easy thing you can do is to give us a Google review. You can do that here.

This review will ensure that more people in our area will hear about Connexus. Then, hopefully they'll want to check out one of our services. But what about being FOR our community? How are we going to be present that way? Check out that blog post tomorrow.


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