How you can be FOR local businesses this summer

support local business this summer

At Connexus we want to be FOR our community. In fact, we want to reach 20% more people in Simcoe County this summer! Yesterday I shared how we are going to be physically present in a big way. But how are we going to be FOR Simcoe County?

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been in conversation with local mayors and community partners to see how we can help. 

Now, as the economy opens up, it’s time to get in the corner of local businesses. We love the way local businesses create and lead in our communities. So let’s show our community that Jesus is for them by getting in the corner of local businesses in a practical way during a difficult time.

Although we can’t partner with every business, we don’t want that to stop us. Let’s do for a few what we wish we could do for everyone!

Over the summer, Connexus is going to be partnering with one small local business every week – local coffee shops, bakeries, etc. We’ll be highlighting them and even working together on some fun one-day promos and partnerships on social media.

So keep your eye out on our social media over the summer as we get in the corner of local businesses. Also, if you haven’t already liked and followed us on Instagram and Facebook, make sure to do that now so you can jump in and join us.

If you haven’t already done this, one easy thing you can do is to give us a Google review. You can do that here. This review will ensure that more people in our area will hear about Connexus and want to check out one of our services as they hear about us from their visit to a local business.

Let’s work together to create some positive news to share!

support local business this summer