My Christmas Eve Invites Aren’t Quite The Same This Year

If you’re like me, Christmas this year is shaping up to be quite different than it would have been in years past. 

My husband and I would typically be in the throws of coordinating Christmas schedules between our extended families. Planning parties with friends to celebrate. And of course, gearing up for inviting our friends and family to join us at one of many Christmas Eve services at Connexus.

Instead, things are a bit quieter this year. Our plans to gather with our extended families have been put on pause. Our Christmas parties aren’t happening the way we’d hoped. And our ability to gather with our immediate families continues to change. Christmas Eve Invites

However, in the midst of all the change, the re-working plans, and the weight of the unknown, one thing remains true. There will still be Christmas. In fact, there are still Christmas Eve services with Connexus online and I’m really excited to experience the online, interactive experience. Christmas Eve Invites

This year, the invitation to my unchurched friends and family to join us for Christmas Eve Together has never been more significant. Christmas Eve Invites

Why? Because, just like you and I, our friends and family are also working through the very same cancellations, changes, and disappointments. They’re struggling through the very same things. Except, for those of us who follow Jesus, we have one thing they don’t. Hope in him. 

This year, I’m not just inviting my unchurched friends and family to experience my favourite Connexus event of the year. (Seriously … our Christmas Eve services are at the top of my list!)

Instead, I’m inviting them to experience hope this Christmas. Maybe even for the first time.

So, who are you going to invite to experience hope this Christmas Eve? 

Maybe it’s your neighbour who’s had an extremely difficult year financially. Or your friend who’s been struggling with not being able to hug you, because, they’re a hugger. Or your colleague who’s been a little harder to work alongside these last few weeks, because the weight of Christmas being different is a lot.  

Let’s send those text messages, share that graphic on Instagram, and drop off that Invite Box to their front porch. Christmas Eve Invites

This Christmas, it’s never been easier to invite our friends, colleagues, and neighbours to join us. And, it’s never been so important. Christmas Eve Invites


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