Christmas Eve Together at Connexus Church

We will not be hosting services on December 26th, join us live online on Sunday, January 2nd for a special New Year's message with Pastor Joseph Swan.

Christmas Eve Together

This has been a year that’s felt heavier for most of us. If you’re honest, as you prepare for this Christmas season, you’re looking for hope, encouragement, and even a little tradition. But how can you find hope when things feel like they’ve gone awry? Is there a hope that shines brighter than the darkness? This Christmas Eve, join us as we discover a different kind of hope and a fresh light as we celebrate Christmas Eve Together.

You’re invited to an experience the whole family will love with amazing music, a meaningful message of hope, and some fun moments for the kids too!

Live on YouTube
December 24th
5:30pm, 7pm

Christmas Eve Singing