3 Things You Need to do to Prepare for Christmas Eve with Connexus

Well, Christmas Eve this year is shaping up to be like nothing we’ve ever experienced before. Yet it can still be filled with so many of the traditions we love. 

One of those traditions that we love around Connexus is the Christmas Eve service. Although the services won’t take place in packed venues across Simcoe County – we’re excited to host our first-ever Christmas Eve Together, an online interactive experience the whole family will love! We think this year we could host more people than ever before!

Since Christmas Eve Together is brand new for all of us, we thought we would share the 3 things you need to know to celebrate Christmas eve with your Connexus friends. Christmas Eve Connexus

1. Invite your friends and family to join you for Christmas Eve Together!

As a church, we have the greatest opportunity to invite more people to experience Jesus than ever before. So let’s bring people together! Christmas Eve Connexus

Your friends and family are looking for ways to celebrate the season. Especially in light of so many of their ‘typical’ plans being altered and changed. Plus, we all know we could all use something fun and meaningful to look forward to!

It’s never been easier than it is this year to invite your friends and family to join you 🙂 Christmas Eve Connexus

So, why not go ahead and send that text, make that call, or share one of our Christmas Eve Together gift boxes with them. 

2. Register for your Christmas Eve Together Gift Box 🎁

For the first time ever, we’re offering interactive Christmas Eve Together gift boxes! Filled with all sorts of fun, festive surprises to make this year’s online Christmas Eve service come to life right in your living room. Christmas Eve Connexus

When you register for free a box, not only are you reserving one for your family, but you are reserving a second box as an invitation to give to your guest. There are only a limited number of boxes available – so be sure to register today so you don’t miss out! 

You can find all of the details here to register now, including where to pick up your Christmas Eve Together Invite Box. The team has some outdoor festive fun planned for your box pick up as well … so be sure to check that out when you register too!  Christmas Eve Connexus

3. And Finally … Mark Your Calendars!

Christmas Eve Together will be aired LIVE on December 23rd @ 7:00 pm and December 24th @ 4:00 pm, 5:30 pm, and 7:00 pm ET. 

If you’re like us, your schedule will be a little different this year around Christmas. So we wanted to offer multiple service times so that you can join in with your friends and family still! Christmas Eve Connexus

As we take time as a church to prepare for Christmas this season, we would love it if you would join us in praying for:

  • The hundreds of invites that will be shared in the coming weeks.
  • That the opportunities would come up often.
  • For conversations to be be favourable when we invite.

As we step out as a church to invite our unchurched family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues to join us for Christmas Eve Together, we are excited for the stories God will write in the lives of many this Christmas Season.


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