Your Double Life

–>So we are completely excited that the first Sunday gathering for ALL campuses at Connexus happens next Sunday , November 11th at 10:00 a.m. in Barrie at the Galaxy.  It's an "insider" event for all of us who will work together to make the launch happen (hey, I hope that means you). 

The idea, as I think you know by now, is that we do November internally so we can "learn" how to do church together in a theater.  Bottom line: we want to be ready to welcome your friends when Connexus launches publicly December 2nd in Barrie and 9th in Orillia.

Which really means we all have two jobs this month.  In addition to all rolling up our sleeves to become Connexus, we also need to be praying for our community and individually inviting our friends to join us for the first services in December.

At our very first Connexus staff meeting last Thursday at my place, our team talked about how important it was not to simply do all kinds of internal work to launch the church effectively.  Naturally it's hugely important to get that done and to work with all of you to do it well.  But that's not actually the point of Connexus. Connexus is not just a series of sweet environments for people whose compass is already pointing toward heaven.

We are doing all of this so our friends, neighbours and family have relevant environments to walk into so they can be led into a growing relationship with Jesus.  Jesus didn't just die and rise again for the church.  He died and rose again for the world.  And he's passionate about seeing the people you care about experience real life in Him.

So as you prepare for our first weekend gathering, which really is for "us" (as we rehearse), ask God to bring to mind names of people you know that you can invite to Connexus.

We'll do a big marketing campaign with flyers and the whole deal toward the end of November. We'll issue press releases to the media and our website, when it launches, will have lots of e-vite opportunities and blah blah blah…you know what our team has done in the past, and of course we'll do it even better.

But none of that is nearly as effective as a personal invitation.  When someone you care about invites you into something that is important to them, it gets your heart and attention in a way 1000 flyers never could.  Pray that God would grant you favour as you talk to them.  Our staff is amazed at how many "easy" conversations we have had with people who don't go to church who are fascinated by what Connexus will be doing and who want to come.  It shouldn't be any different with you, really.

Pray about whom God would have you invite.  Then go for coffee with them.  Invite them for dinner.  Tell them how you're involved, what excites you, and how you'd love to have them come with you in December. 

We've all got a double life in November…serving, and inviting people.  And both are deeply mission critical. 


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  1. Kendra Fleming says, November 5, 2007 at 9:57 pm

    Hi Carey! I wish we could be there to help you get everything up and running! How exciting! I know you guys are working hard and we are praying for you! Kendra

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