Young and Looking (for an Extraordinary Opportunity)

Perhaps one of the best kept secrets for someone who is young and curious about what running a ministry like Connexus looks like behind the scenes, is the fact that we provide an opportunity to do just that!  An opportunity to  develop leadership skills and a chance to experience everything it takes to make our ministry happen.  Six month's ago we hired our first ever intern to join our team.  Sarah Flemming, a recent university graduate, was the perfect candidate for a position like this.   Curious about what a career in ministry would look like and heart that was sensing a tug to try it, Sarah took a chance and became a trailblazer! Here's what Sarah has to say about her experience:

I am more than grateful for my internship at Connexus! I started
six months ago and can honestly say I have never loved a job more
than I have loved working at Connexus. Throughout this internship I was invested in as a leader, assisted in
exploring my strengths and given so many opportunities to try out
different things. It has been an awesome learning experience all
around, and it's great to know that you are working with people who
want to see you at your best, doing things you love. The most
encouraging part for me has been knowing that other people may see
things in me that I might not even see in myself, and I am learning
what gifts God has given me and how I can best use them to further His
Kingdom. This is just the begining of my career, and I am so thankful
to have had this opportuinty to learn and grow through the ministry at
Connexus as "the Intern." I couldn't have imagined myself anywhere else!

We are excited that Sarah will be transitioning to a new staff position at Connexus in the very near future, leaving the position that she once filled available to someone else who is seeking a chance to see what ministry is all about.  If you're a recent graduate from high school, college or university and are cuirous about what an internship has to offer, you can click here  and search for the Children's Ministry Intern postion.

Jenn Bailey | Director of Children's Ministry


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