You Can Do Group – This Sunday

Man, I am so excited about our current series.  Over and over again, people ask me "how can I grow spiritually?'  That's what we're answering straight on this month in a growing relationship.

And one of the best ways people grow spiritually is when they begin to interact on a meaningful level with other people.  Not just coffee and "how was the kid's hockey practice" on Sunday morning after church.  Way beyond just "what was her name again" as you pass each other in the halls. Sometimes that's about as deep as community gets at church.  But that's not our goal or even the reality for hundreds of people at Connexus.

We've built our whole ministry around getting you into a group. By group, we mean a community of people just like yourself at various stages of faith (lots of people just starting out…don't worry) who meet in groups of 6-12 in homes to connect, talk about faith and life and to pray for each other. 

We're big believers in Sundays, but we're even bigger believers in group.  In a group, you have a safe place to bring your questions.  In a group, you have people who track with each other through the ups and downs of life.  You find people who love to have fun together.  You'll find someone to pray with and even to help you learn how to pray.  You'll find people who serve together in the wider community (at a food bank, at a homeless shelter).  You'll find people pretty much like yourself at all stages of spiritual engagement.

I know that one of the greatest catalysts God has used in my life to grow my faith is the faith I've seen at work in other people.  The people who I've been in group with over the years are the people who have impacted me most spiritually, because God uses other people to grow our faith in him.  If you've got questions about that, listen in on last week's message. 

Your chance to connect in group happens this Sunday, January 18th from 7-9 at the Georgian Banquet Hall for GroupLink.  Details are here.   Come for food, fun and a chance to find a group that works for you.  Best thing – we'll even give you six – eight weeks to "try" a group out and see if it fits you.  Just make sure you don't miss GroupLink this Sunday night.

If you really want to take your relationship with God to another level in 2009, you need to be in group!  Hope to see you at Group Link Sunday night!

– Carey


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