Workin’ for the Weekend

Surfing off a really bad Loverboy tune from the 80s, I want to share a few reflections from the past weekend for all of you who work with us to make weekends what they are at Connexus. 

Tons happens midweek in community groups, as we serve in the community and as we go about our week.  But God does an awful lot on weekends.  Here are some thoughts for all of us who are workin' for the weekend:

  • Group Link was great last night.  I met dozens of new people.  It was so great to hear people's stories.  People with no church background are plugging into Connexus on Sundays and last night, into community groups.  People who have been away from church for years are plugging back in.  People who moved into the community (man, feels like tons of people have just moved to Barrie/Orillia) are plugging in. People who want a church where they can invite their unchurched friends are coming out.  I wish I could have heard every story in the room last night.  In all, we're connecting over 70 adults into community groups this month alone. Fantastic!
  • A couple who wasn't attending church at all started attending Connexus after finding us on Facebook.  She and her husband googled Orillia churches and apparently my face book profile showed up as the top hit.  I love how God uses technology.  Go make more friends on facebook.  Who knows how God will use it?
  • Increasingly, people are inviting their friends to Connexus.  Many have given up on God or didn't think a church could help.  The movie theater deal is becoming a draw as we reach further and further into the secular community.  Not everyone wants to go to "church". Thanks for being willing to put so much on the line and go after our friends whom Jesus loves.
  • People exhibited beautiful grace on Sunday.  Despite incredible effort by our video team last week to set up the video message with excellence in Orillia (it was perfectly positioned to work on Sunday), something went off in the system on Sunday.  Thanks to everyone who scrambled to make yesterday happen despite our technology challenges.  We are drilling down to the bottom of the video issues and hope to find the source problem asap.  Thanks for your grace.
  • God is doing something in 7/490.  Thanks for the emails, feedback and conversations so far.  In the final week of the series, I'll cast vision about what could happen if we all started forgiving like Jesus.  It could revoluntionize you, me, us and the community.  Hang on.  And let God WORK this week in your heart.  If we get our heads around forgiveness, so much could happen.
  • I love our volunteers.  It's hard being a portable church in its first year, but you guys ROCK!  I know I've said it a thousand times, but you guys are my heros. Seriously.  I met more people who are stepping up to serve in Test Drive this fall.  Thank you!  Are you?  If you want to serve, email Julia in our office at [email protected].

Lots more to say, but three weeks into the fall, it's great to see God moving in people's lives through the week and on the weekends.  Can't wait to see what happens next Sunday.

– Carey


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