Why We Post Our Videos Right Away

We've been so encouraged by the reaction to our Medium series so far. This past Sunday in Barrie, we did part two of the series.  As usual, we upload the message as soon as possible.  We realize that means that you can watch a message online days before we feature it at our Orillia campus.  Some might think that's a bad idea (why not keep it a surprise until after it plays at all campuses)?

But this Sunday is an example of exactly why we post the video as soon as possible.  In part two of the series, I interview Brandon Volkmann.  Brandon has a powerful story of how evil began to work in his life and how Jesus Christ has helped him conquer it.  You can watch the message here or download the message from iTunes (search ‘connexus church' and the audio and video podcasts will come up).  The response to Brandon's story was huge.

The reason I'd love you to see the message in advance is because my guess is you'll know someone who needs to hear Brandon's story.  You and I have both had the experience of leaving church on Sunday thinking "I wish ________ could have been here."  That's why we post our videos right away – for some of you, there's still a chance to invite.

And for the rest of us, we can always share the website link or the podcast with our friends.

Love what God is doing these days, and I'm so glad to be able to share the message of Jesus with our friends and the wider community!

– Carey


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