Why I Think You Should Attend Group Link

So you've heard us talk about Group Link coming in Barrie this Friday, September 23rd in Barrie (details here) and Friday, September 30th for our Orillia campus (details here).

As your pastor, I think one of the very best things you could do is to join a community group this fall.

Here's why:

  1. You'll have a place to bring your questions. I imagine you leave every week with questions you'd love to ask but have no where to take them.  Group is your place.  You'll discover other people with similar questions.
  2. You'll get to know people, personally.  Find it hard to connect at Connexus?  You should!  Hundreds of families attend every weekend.  You just can't build deeply meaningful relationships in the foyer, no matter how good the coffee is.  Groups is our ticket to community.
  3. You'll have a place to process life. I wish I could put this paragraph in all caps bold IT”S SO IMPORTANT.  Every week I get calls and facebook messages from people who are going through crisis or a significant life event – a diagnosis, a death, a a change in career, a break up, or a personal crisis.  The first question I ask them is whether they are in a community group.  When they say no, three things happen

#1.  My heart breaks for them, because often they are alone in their journey.

#2.  I tell them I likely can't help them (I don't have enough appointments in the day to fill the needs we have plus I'm not a trained counselor) but I always refer them to a capable outside counselor.

#3 My heart breaks for them again because they don't have anyone else to talk this through with.  There are people who will pray with them, bring them meals, hang out with them and help.  All they needed to do was get in a group.

Now I promise you our groups aren't perfect. Sometimes we have great group experiences, sometimes we regroup!  But being with a few slightly imperfect people who care is always better than being alone.   And being with a community that knows you by name, knows your story and prays for you is better than being alone.

So will you do me a favour.  If you are NOT in a group PLEASE go to Group Link Friday September 23rd or Friday September 30th.  You can register online right here. It's not too late. If you forget to register just come anyway.  We want you in group!

Guess what I'm doing this fall?  Getting into a new group (we have had some fantastic group experiences). 🙂  I hope you'll do the same!

– Carey


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  1. Nancy MacLachlan says, September 28, 2012 at 6:56 pm

    Hi Carey,
    I am kicking myself because I had every intention to attend Grouplink this fall….and I missed it again…. I am not up to speed with things lately and sometimes forget these events, even when I write them down. Is it possible to join a small group still. I live in Barrie. It has been a couple years since being in a small group and I think it’s time to reconnect with a small group.

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