Why Family Ministry Matters

On Saturday at our ReFuel event we celebrated our incredible family ministry volunteers.  They are a group of volunteers – ordinary people like all of us – who have decided to invest in the next generation.  Between both campuses, over 125 adults and teens serve in family ministry. 

I am so excited by that.  Here's why:

  • Every child and student wonders whether they matter to other people.  Because of our commitment to small groups in family ministry (not classrooms), each student or child has an adult who cares about them building into their lives as well as friends who are running in the same direction. 
  •  Very few unchurched parents lie awake at night wondering what a preacher is going to preach about next.  But almost every unchurched parent spends a few sleepless nights wondering if their kids are going to turn out all right. Our children and student ministry is the easiest and most obvious way for a family who doesn't attend church to become a part of our community.  If you're inviting a family to Connexus, tell them about our incredible family ministry environments.  Parents are looking for partners to help them – they probably have just never thought a church could help.
  • When people serve, people grow.  A lot of Christian think we grow by getting. (Getting good teaching, good music, good Christian friends…)  But our family ministry people know that one of the primary ways we grow is through giving.   When you build into a child or student's life or help create an environment for kids to come into week after week, you realize that you get the most when you give the most. You signed up to serve to help kids, but somewhere in the process it helped you. Through serving, you grow!

So, to ALL Of you who serve in family ministry – thanks!  We applaud you.  We celebrate you!  We're excited about what God is doing through you!

– Carey

PS.  Want to join our family ministry team?  To serve in Waumba Land or Upstreet, contact Jenn Bailey at [email protected].  To join Xtreme or InsideOut contact Jeff Brodie at [email protected] 


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