What’s Up in Children’s Ministry for March

Our new series Orange Families: this ain't yo' mama's Sunday School is out of the gates at both of our campuses.  What a great opportunity parents have to learn about how make the most out of the more than 3000 hours they have with their kids each year.  While the adults are learning about harnessing those hours for all they can be, we have an army of volunteers in our Waumba Land and Upstreet environments ensuring children from birth through Grade 5 are having the best 1 hour of their week!  Check-In Volunteers, Storytellers, Small Group Leaders and Helpers build into your kids each week!  They are an incredible group of people who are totally dedicated to ensuring your kids have a great experience.

–>As we begin each month in Waumba Land, our birth through Senior Kindergarten environment,we answer a key question.  The answers to these questions help a child grow up knowing that God made them, God loves them and Jesus wants to be their forever friend.

During the month of March we'll answer the Key Question: Who will help you? and we'll answer it with the assurance that: Jesus will help me.  Your kids will hear bible stories during story time that help teach the answer to this very important question.  They'll also do activities and play games with our leaders and their Waumba Land friends, that will help reinforce it too.

In Upstreet, our Grade 1-5 environment, your kids learn about a new virtue each month.  These virtues help build faith and character.  This month we'll look at the virtue of hope and what it means to have hope.  Hope is a word we often say with out really thinking about. I hope you have a nice day,  I hope I have lots of money when I grow up and so on.  Think about your child growing up with the hope that comes from knowing that God has a big plan for what is going on.  What if they grew up knowing that hope is believing something good can come from something bad.  We all experience situations that require hope.  It could be a tragic event like the death of a loved one or something on a smaller scale like not making the team.  But having hope can transform the way we handle these types of situations. 

At Connexus we want to partner with you in harnessing the 3000 hours you have with your kids.  That's why we equip you with resources to keep the dialogue going at home. In Waumba Land you receive Small Talk Cards each week.  These cards highlight what we talked about on Sunday.  Use them with your child to remind them of what they learned. In Upstreet you recieve the Family Fuel Pack.  Our March Family Fuel Pack comes out this Sunday so make sure you get one when you pick your kids up!  It's packed with great resources, plus it offers Octane Cards which suggest a schedule for using some of the resources or all them, you choose!  Take the time to use these resources with some of the 3000 hours you have with your kids.  Trust me, it will be time well spent!


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