What’s the big deal? Environment Teams?

"Our locations might be temporary, but our ministry is any but!"

–> Over the last couple weeks I've been working with my daughter, Haley, on her grade two project on the Monarch Butterfly.  She has done a great job putting together a display and presentation that explains the incredible change that the Monarch caterpillar goes through to become this beautiful Butterfly.  She's taught me knew things about Butterflies – like that fact that they don't make cocoons but chrysalis.  (Only moths make cocoons . . . but you probably already knew that.)   In the middle of watching her practice her presentation this week I got thinking about the transition our church is going under.  In just a couple weeks we are going to have new homes to be apart of every week.  In that same way that the Monarch Butterfly looks incredibly beautiful after it comes through it's transition we're praying that as we come through this transition we will be a beautiful new version of ourselves!  There are unseen things that take place inside that chrysalis that transform the caterpillar into the butterfly – today we want to chat about something somewhat unseen but just a vital to our transformation.

Bottom Line – If you don't read any more . . .

Environment Teams – We are in need of 60 people at each of our Campuses who are willing to arrive early every Sunday to help us transform the Galaxy Cinemas' into irresistible environments for people.  Will you join us?  Email Rich Birch today and let us know which Campus you can help out in!

Early every Sunday morning a group of 20-25 volunteers will show up at each theatre to unload dozens of rolling cases that contain everything we need to transform these spaces into incredible environments.  Each of these cases has a specific home labeled clearly on the outside.  After the cases have been rolled to their locations they are opened up to find "set up" instructions inside each one.  These instructions help the team remember exactly where to put everything.  Where we are able to label materials for easier set up we will.  Wherever possible, we've reduced the need to pick things up so you don't need to be a Hulkamaniac to be on the team.  (Although all Hulkamaniac's can apply!)  After our first couple weeks of training we will be able to do this incredible transformation in just ninety minutes!  It really is going to be a fun team to be on to see all this equipment set up every week.  We'll get it done quickly so we can grab a coffee together and catch up with each other!

Everyone who calls Connexus Community Church home should volunteer on an Environment Teams.  We can't leave this to a small group of "hyper-dedicated" people.  Each of us need to join in and help.  At a bare minimum we need 3 teams of 20 people at each location.  We can always use more people on the set up teams but that's our starting point.  Can you please sign up to help us on this front?  If we don't set up the sound equipment our bands can't play.  We need to make sure Waumba Land is set up safely for each of our wonderful preschoolers.  Our UpStreet team can't take to the stage until we've got the sound, video and lights all set up.  Our teens won't be have a place to hang out if we don't set up the space.  The bottom line:  we need you to sign up and pitch in to the Environment Teams. 

Let us know what location you can help in by emailing Rich Birch today.  Be thinking of people that you can invite to join you on the Environment Team.

We have a special surprise in store for our Saturday Information Meeting in Orillia that directly relates to the Environment Teams.  Are you coming to the Orillia Galaxy Cineplex at 10am on Saturday?  We have something special planned to help people understand more about the Environment Teams – we didn't have this surprise in Barrie last week!

I know it sounds like a stretch but I really do believe that every week we're going to be a part of a butterfly-type metamorphosis of the theatres.  We need you to make that transformation complete but it's going to incredible!

Have a great Thursday!

Rich Birch
Executive Director of Operations
Connexus Community Church

p.s. If you have 5 minutes to spare check out this video from a "portable church": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxfiWKYu608



  1. Shawna Lester says, October 25, 2007 at 6:22 pm

    I know a great place to get a hot tub!!

  2. Stephanie says, October 26, 2007 at 9:13 am

    Thanks for the video Rich! I am not that imaginative but after that video I have a better idea of the great transformation the theatre space will undergo. See you Saturday at 10am 🙂

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