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So…last Sunday we held our final services at Trinity Community Church where I have served for twelve years, and now we head into…what?

The temptation is to say "see you in December", when we launch publicly in Barrie (December 2nd) and Orillia (December 9th). 

Actually, our team hopes to see every person who wants to be part of Connexus in less than two weeks when we hold our first Sunday gathering as Connexus — Sunday, November 11th 2007 at 10:00 a.m. at the Barrie Galaxy for both campuses

We need everyone who is going to volunteer at both campuses present for a training morning.  Plus, we'll also pray together.  You can bring the family (we're working on a programme for the younger kids that day), and honestly every one else can find a job!  There's lots to do.

In the meantime, here are things you can do until we meet again November 11th:

  • Please fill out and return the volunteer card you got at the Launch Meetings in Barrie and Orillia over the last two Saturdays.  We need to hear from you personally with your data, as we are building our data base from scratch for Connexus.  If we don't hear from you, we don't know you exist!  Obviously, your help financially (the second part of the card) is very helpful too.  Please do what you can and please get the card back this week.
  • If you missed the meetings and didn't get a card, email us at [email protected].  We'll sign you up.
  • Plan to join us every Sunday in November (except this one — the 4th). 
    • All campuses meet in Barrie on Sunday the 11th and Sunday the 18th for training and to participate in/observe Barrie's soft launch,
    • We then go regional on Sunday November 25th
      • Barrie people go to Barrie for their second week of soft-launch
      • Orillia people go to Orillia for their first Sunday of soft-launch
  • Also, reserve these Saturday mornings for training.
    • Barrie people train on Saturday morning November 17th at the Barrie Campus
    • Orillia people train on Saturday morning November 23rd at the Orillia Campus.

The other thing you can do this November is to pray for people who don't go to church.  Think about your network of relationships.  Ask God to open up conversations with people.  While you volunteer to get us ready for launch, take some time at work to talk about what you're involved in, to talk about relevant environments for people who are curious about God but not into "regular" church, and then invite them out December 2nd (in Barrie) or December 9th (in Orillia) as you see all your hard work, prayers, and investment finally begin to pay off as people are led into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

This is going to be one awesome month.  Is the path clear for you?  What parts of it do you not understand?   We are trying to do all we can to support you as we work together for what will be an incredible launch.

Carey Nieuwhof
[email protected]


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