What’s Ahead

Some of you are asking a great question…what's next for Connexus?  I love your enthusiasm!  We are just out of the gate in terms of launch, and people are already excited about what's up next. 

In the next month, we'll actually give you a clear picture in writing of what to expect in 08 and beyond in a strategy document we'll make available to everyone, but let me give you a highlights-only heads up as to what's in store soon:

  • Delivering a consistently excellent experience.  Now that we're launched, we are moving into the sphere of constant improvement.  In Orillia, we'll be focusing on addressing some of the technical glitches that have lingered.  Watch for some changes this weekend. In Barrie, we'll be looking at maximizing each environment as well.  We'll do our very best with what we've been given to produce the most irresistible experience we can in each environment at each campus.
  • Growing our team. As we move out of launch and into our first full year of ministry, we're looking to grow our volunteer teams to optimal size.  We are particularly passionate about seeing our e-Teams and family ministry expansion.  If you want to serve alongside some amazing people, click here.
  • Moving People Into Groups. We really don't do a lot of programming for adults at Connexus.  That's intentional.  Instead, we've chosen what we believe is the best container for spiritual growth — community groups — and are focusing our efforts on that. As people connect with each other and with God in community, integrating faith with life becomes so much easier and so much more rewarding.  Not in a group?  We're equipped to add well over 100 adults to groups this month.  Make sure you're one of them.  Don't miss our Group Link event on January 26th and get into a group.
  • Reaching our Friends and Neighbours. Connexus is not an inward focused church.  We are actually doing this to provide a compelling environment your friends can come to.  When 85% of our neighbours won't be in church this week, we think it bothers God and it should bother us too.  We have an amazing opportunity to introduce them to the love, forgiveness and compassion a relationship with Jesus brings.  It will take each of us praying, investing in the community, and inviting people along to reach the full impact of our ministry.
  • Reaching Families. As we reach our first few goals outlined above, we'll be in a position to add to more dynamic environments.  Look for the eventual returns of KidStuf and other amazing environments that will provide an opportunity for families and church leaders to work together to shape the next generation.
  • Campus Expansion.  Just because Barrie and Orillia have campuses doesn't mean we stop there.  We're looking forward to providing relevant environments in Muskoka, Toronto and beyond as God opens opportunities.

There's a lot more than that, but right now we're very focused on providing the best possible experience in groups and on weekends that will lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Personally, I'm deeply excited to meet with my community group tonight and get to lead in the services again this coming weekend.  Together, we can see lives transformed in ways few of us dreamed were possible.  When we really follow Christ, we can be assured that God has way more invested in our efforts than any of us do.


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