You did so much last year…are you ready to do it again, but this time to help us help others?

On Sunday, we're receiving our Thrive Christmas Offering. The Thrive Christmas offering goes to three worth causes:

  1. The Barrie Food Bank…helping feed families in Barrie.
  2. The Lighthouse Christian Men's Shelter…helping shelter homeless men in Orillia.
  3. Other Strategic Partner Churches…helping fund other churches like Connexus that want to create churches unchurched people love to attend.

Our goals is $80,000.  It's ambitious, but we can do it if we all pull together.

Last year, we raised $80,000 toward Gifts that Keep on Giving to help fuel a better year at Connexus.  And you did.  Last year your generosity brought us:

  • Space for dozens of new children in Waumba Land…otherwise we would have had to turn away families weekly at Connexus because we were out of space.
  • Launch and outfit a brand new Transit environment for students in grades 6-8.  Did you know we are reaching 50% more students in 2011 than in 2010 as a result?
  • New video cameras that have greatly improved the video quality at our campuses and allowed us to capture better stories.
  • Margin that allowed us to pursue the next steps toward Connexus finding a 24/7 facility
  • And more…

Thank you so much!

We can do it again this year Connexus – only this time let's help others Thrive in the same way we have.

You in?

We receive the offering in our services this Sunday, December 18th (or you can give here right now).

Take some time to pray and thank God for the way he's blessed you.  Then bless someone else this Sunday.

– Carey


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