What God Does All Day

Yesterday was a special day at our Barrie Campus (hang in for this Sunday Orillia!).

43 people made a decision to stop running from God and submit their lives to him (there may have been more, but that's who stood up). It was an incredible response to a great message in the White Flag series, but more important than that, it was a response to the God who doesn't want to pay us back, but to win us back.

I love it when people make decisions to direct their lives toward Jesus.  I could watch that all day long every day and never get tired of it.  For me personally, the Superbowl seemed small by comparison.

What you and I need to keep in mind is that this is what God does all day.  He changes lives.  That's just what he's passionate about.

And what's amazing is that we get to share in that passion of God's. When you serve, when you give, when you invest in a small group, when your alarm clock rings at 3:30 on a Sunday morning to pull a trailer full of gear, when you pray for your friends and neighbours, you help make that happen.  My gratitude for your investment in all of this keeps growing.

And ultimately all of this becomes very personal.  Like it did, for example,  for Rachel.  Yesterday wasn't “her” day, but last year she had a day just like it.  And Rachel, we're still rejoicing with you!   Take two minutes to watch her video today.  It's such a great reminder of why we do what we do and why we're just never going to stop doing it.

Here's to more stories like Rachel's and more days like yesterday.

– Carey


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