What Are You Doing This Weekend? (Thanksgiving @Connexus)

So…what are you doing with your time?  You've got an extra day off…time with family and friends.  But what are you doing with the time God has given you?

That's the question we ask this weekend as we kick off the Time of Your Life series at our Barrie campus.  And it's a question worth asking as we wrap up Church…Not My Thing this weekend in Orillia.

My guess is that this is going to be a great opportunity to invite friends and family to church with you this weekend.  And that, actually, is always an incredible use of your time.

Here's what's in store this weekend.  We're so excited!

Barrie Campus | Time of Your Life

Part 1: Your Days are Numbered :: Andy Stanley
Time is our most valuable asset. We wear watches, we glance at the clock so we don't lose track of time. Yet there's something more important than knowing what time it is . . . it's knowing what to do with our time.f

8:30 & 10:00 a.m.  Galaxy Cinema Barrie


Orillia Campus | Church Not My Thing

Part Four: Irresistible :: Carey Nieuwhof
Grace is irresistible.  It draws in people who don’t want to be drawn in.  It loves those who resist love.  It is the single greatest force at work in the universe, and it is what drives the movement of the church. It is the force that ultimately has the power to impact even the most cynical.  And it’s coming your way.

8:30 & 10:00 a.m.  Galaxy Cinema Orillia (Children’s Environments @ 10am)

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from all of us at Connexus.  We have so much to be thankful for!

– Carey


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  1. Gail Deere says, October 10, 2011 at 6:59 pm

    Carey, I hear so many times, people say they don’t believe in the Bible. Could you please explain how the Bible scriptures came to us both the old and new Testaments to form the bible we read today? How do we know that they were transcribed accurately over the years and also how to explain the bible was written by men and inspired by God.

    Thank You.

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