We’ve Got Something A Little Different For You This Weekend

Whats Next

Ever wanted to start something new, move forward, grow, but didn't quite know what that looked like or how to get there?

As a community, we just wrapped up the Your Next 40 Days spiritual journey, and we'll be wrapping up the last message of Afterlife in Orillia on Sunday. Both the Your Next 40 Days spiritual journey and Afterlife series have been changing experiences for many of you, but what now?

What do you do when you don't know what comes next?

Over the next two weekends we're going to be talking about things that you can take your walk in faith to the next level, things that will grow, stretch and change your outlook and direction.

At both campuses, we've got some fantastic experiences planned that you don't want to miss. Invite your friends, invite your family, It's going to be an exciting few weeks!

Are you ready for what's next? We'll see you Sunday!

Barrie Campus

8.30 and 10.00 am | Galaxy Cinemas, Barrie

Invite your friend to Barrie here.


Orillia Campus

8.30 and 10 am | Family Ministry @ 10am | Galaxy Cinemas, Orillia

Invite your friend to Orillia here.



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