Tomorrow Morning — A Key Point in The Launch of Connexus

–>I just so deeply hope you'll be at tomorrow morning's launch meeting at 10:00 a.m. at the Galaxy Cinemas in Orillia at WestRidge Place.

Tomorrow's meeting will really mark the beginning of what will be an incredible few weeks of activity that will lead to the launch of Connexus within five weeks.  Can you believe that?  Five week's away. So tomorrow's your chance to be part of something exciting.

We've been hearing from people who still wonder what's happening with Connexus in November.  Great question!  The answer?  Everything.

We actually have only a single weekend off in November (Sunday November 4th).  Beyond that, we are engaged every weekend in training and soft launch services.  We will spell out the time line in detail again tomorrow, but essentially, it's all hands on deck starting November 1st. 

So if you haven't been at a face to face encounter yet for the launch of Connexus (a leader's meeting or our Barrie meeting last week), you have simply got to be in Orillia tomorrow morning.  It's going to take every single one of us taking a role in November to ensure optimal launch.  Many have plugged in already, but there is plenty of room for the rest of you.

So, bring your launch-minded friends with you tomorrow morning.  Scroll back in the blog through some of Rich Birch's posts (including yesterday's) that outline the logistical details for November.  Tomorrow will be your chance to sign up and serve!

See you then!  Can't wait.  It's amazing to see your life caught up in something God can use in a powerful way.

Carey Nieuwhof
[email protected]


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