This Weekend @ Connexus | November 28, 2010

Did you know that last weekend at our campuses we had at least 17 new families join us for the first time?  Just want to say thank you for continuing to invest in the lives of people who don't regularly attend church.  Thanks for inviting them to Connexus. Thanks for introducing them to a relationship that we believe can radically change lives.

This weekend is no exception.  Our series, Like Me, all about social media and its impact on faith and relationships is generating a lot of discussion.  We roll with part two in Orillia and wrap up the series at our Barrie campus Sunday.

Just a reminder too that this weekend is the Xtreme retreat, which means that over 50 grade six-eight students and leaders will be in Muskoka.  So there's no Xtreme on Sunday at our campuses.  Perfect timing because in the adult service we're talking about Facebook, conflict on line and how to handle online relationships – something that's a part of most junior high kids worlds.

Excited for Sunday!

Like Me | Week Three: Going All the Way (Carey Nieuwhof)

What does it take to find true intimacy? Are there limits to how deeply you can build relationships online? What are the hallmarks of an authentic relationship? This week, we’ll look at online sex, online love and online relationships and their impact on true intimacy.

Service Times: 8:30 -9:40am & 10:00-11:10am | Galaxy Cinema 72 Commerce Park Drive Barrie


Like Me | Week Two: Conflicted (Carey Nieuwhof)

Facebook bullying. Defriending. Messages that say things you would never say face to face. Why is it that we feel we can say and do things online that we would never say or do offline? How do you handle online conflict? Join us as we explore what to do when you are offended or when you are the offender.Service Times: 8:30 -9:40am & 10:00-11:10am | Galaxy Cinema 72 Commerce Park Drive Barrie

Service Times: 8:30–9:40am & 10:00-11:10am | Galaxy Cinema 865 West Ridge Blvd. Orillia



  1. May Borchert says, November 28, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    Hey, My husband and I just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying sunday mornings at connexus. We have been coming for about 2 months now and are really enjoying the teachings. We were attending Harvest for the last year and just recently decided to make the move. 🙂 You guys are doing a great job leading people to the cross. It is very cool to see what God is doing in the church.
    Nick and May Borchert

  2. Catherine Hansen says, November 28, 2010 at 11:14 pm

    I have really enjoyed the first 2 parts of the Like Me series .
    I was happy to have my husband join me today and our youngest daughter.
    We were also very pleased to have our older son and his wife join us today. They are raising their young family and I am delighted they felt comfortable at Connexus!

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