This Weekend @ Connexus | March 15, 2009

Sometimes it's hard to believe that the life we're living has stakes as high as they actually are. As parents, we get one shot with our kids. That's it. We blink, it's over baby! Same deal with life. Whatever we believe about God now, one day every one who's ever drawn a breath is going to find out what the real deal is.  

That's why what happens spiritually is so important. That's why we are so PASSIONATE about what happens at Connexus. This weekend, once again, we're going to create the kind of environments we hope you'll bring your friends into so that people can explore what it means to be in a growing relationship with Jesus. So many new families have joined us during this series. It's amazing. Can't wait to see who's in the house Sunday!

This March break, bring your friends to Connexus for our Orange Families series, and maybe afterward head back to your place for a BBQ, go for a spring bike ride, play some board games, or just relax in the sunshine (with a hoodie on…this is Central Ontario) and talk about life.

We're bringing out our very best again Sunday at 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. in Barrie and Orillia. And we're already making plans for our next evening in Muskoka Easter Sunday, April 12 at 6 p.m. Here are the deets on this weekend:

Barrie Campus

Part Five  | Create a Rhythm
So if you are going to develop your children’s spiritual and moral character, how exactly do you do it? More specifically, how do you do it when your family schedule is already full? This week, we’ll introduce Orange families to an ancient rhythm that has the potential to transform your home.

Service Times: 8:30 & 10:00 am | Galaxy Theaters Barrie 72 Commerce Park Dr.

Orillia Campus
Part Four | Make it Personal
When you sign up for parenting, you sign up for sacrifice.  But there is one thing a parent should never sacrifice.  In fact, if you do, you may lose the thing that will ultimately be the most important thing in your child’s life as well as in yours.
Service Times: 8:30 & 10:00 am | Galaxy Theaters Orillia 865 West Ridge Blvd.

See you Sunday for Orange Families!

– Carey


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