This Weekend @ Connexus | January 24th, 2010

Wow. All we can say is thank you for all that's been happening lately. We've seen a big spike in attendance in the last two months that's translating into changed lives…so many great conversations about Jesus, change and how to live life differently.

There's been a lot of buzz about our current series 180º, and it's a great one to bring friends to. Join us at 8:30 or 10:00 a.m. as we talk about blame v. responsibility in Orillia or guilt v. gratitude in Barrie. Remember to tell your friends about our children's ministry and student ministry too. We broke some past attendance marks last Sunday as more and more of you continue to invest in the lives of your friends and family.

Our goal when we started Connexus was simply to create the kind of environment you can bring your friends so all of us can be lead into a growing relationship with Jesus.

Don't forget that the Barrie Group Link happens Sunday night at the Georgian Banquet Facility (52 Morrow Rd) in Barrie from 7:00 – 9:00pm and Orillia's is just a week away.

Here are the details for Sunday!

Barrie Campus

180 | Part Four: Guilt to Gratitude
Guilt is a powerful motivator. Some of us do more things out of guilt than any other motivation. Is there another way to live? What would happen if your guilt was replaced by gratitude? How would that fuel your relationships? How would that change your relationship with God and your relationships with people?

Service Times: 8:30-9:40 am & 10:00-11:10 am | Galaxy Theaters Barrie 72 Commerce Park Dr.

Orillia Campus

180 | Part Three: Blame to Responsibility
Blame. It damages marriages, destroys partnerships, harms teams and twists relationships. None of us like to get blamed, but somehow most of us still find ways to blame others. Why do we do that? What would life be like if we stopped blaming others? What would it do to your faith, your friendships, your family? How would you get there?

Service Times: 8:30-9:40 am & 10:00-11:10 am | Galaxy Theaters Orillia 865 West Ridge Blvd.

See you Sunday!



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