This Weekend at Connexus

So looking forward to gathering on Sunday this weekend. It will be great to sing, pray and open the bible and a hot subject together.

We are hearing great stories about people who invite their friends and whose friends love what's happening. I hope you'll bring some people with you this weekend.

We are moving into the home stretch of the H Bomb series as we explore how to disarm the hypocrite that lives inside of us.  Here's what's up at each campus:

  • Orillia Campus | 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. Galaxy Cinemas – 865 West Ridge Blvd. Orillia

This week we look at what really drives a lot of hypocrisy with a message is called "Wounded". Underneath
almost every person who wounds others through their hypocrisy is a
wound  of their own that has not healed.  Often, these are very old,
unhealed wounds that are still incredibly tender — tender enough to
trigger behaviour far below what we had hoped for.  Those are the
wounds Jesus came to bind up and heal. The message you hear may
actually be the message you've longed to hear all your life.  Carey Nieuwhof is speaking and Jackie Wright leads worship.

  • Barrie Campus | 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. | Galaxy Cinemas | 72 Commerce Drive Barrie

This weekend we begin to figure out how recovering hypocrites can get better, with a message called "Triage".

We didn’t get wounded all by ourselves – we got wounded
by other people while in community.  Ironically, we also need each
other to heal fully.  You can try it on your own, but the only way true
healing comes is in community — this time, a loving, supportive
community.   The church the way God designed it actually can be the
type of community that brings that kind of healing.  Carey Nieuwhof brings the message and Michael Walker and Turn off the Stars lead worship.

See you Sunday.  Looking forward to all God has has ready for our hearts and lives.


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