The Early Bird Gets the…Seat

It's always nice to have a "good" problem – life brings its share of tough problems of its own.  And this summer, we've developed a good problem.  

Attendance has been so strong in the adult service all summer that we're wondering if some of our 10:00 attenders would mind moving to the 8:30 service starting this weekend at both campuses.  That would free up seats at 10:00 to accommodate people who will show up for the first time this month and accommodate the crowd the larger crowds that usually come with fall.

If 10:00 is the only option for your family, by all means join us then.  But if it really doesn't matter what time you come to Connexus, we'd love for you to free up a seat at 10:00. 

So, if you can help us, that would be great.  This Sunday is going to awesome at both campuses, and if you are into a first service of awesome, so are we.  See you then!


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