Sunday Brain Dump – Late Edition

It's Sunday.  Almost 11 p.m.  Time to clear the brain.  Here's what's on my small mind today. 

  • So I fully realize that I am behaving like the parent of a new born who can't stop talking about how great his kids are or showing off pictures, but I really am SO proud of you Connexus. I showed up to our Barrie campus at 7 a.m. to find 20 cars packing the parking lot – our volunteers were knocking it out of the park again. Check out the pic.  Unreal, isn't it?
    • While attendance was a bit lighter in Orillia today, the Barrie campus had one of the fullest houses we've had all year at the 10 a.m. service.  Who are all these people and where are they coming from in a blizzard?  Literally, God knows.  I'm just grateful.
    • I met more people this morning who are investigating Christianity for the first time.  A young mom hadn't been to church since she was a kid experienced her first Sunday.  A friend invited her.  Another young family with a dad who grew up unchurched have been coming out for a month. I LOVE getting a glimpse of the stories God is writing. THANK you to our teams who every week set the environments up where people can interact on a first time basis with God.
    • Big news is coming on Muskoka in early 09.  Stay tuned.  Connexus is expanding!
    • Your response to Revolutionary Love has been unreal.  You continue to show generosity week after week after week.  Christmas Eve, we'll reveal the totals.  First two weeks have been off the hook! Thank you!
    • Connexus turned one today. A year ago, we opened our campuses for the first time.  At both our campuses we ate cake. I liked celebrating low key, because it doesn't detract from the mission. Thanks for being SO on mission.
    • Family Birthday Celebration this afternoon just rocked.  It was great to baptize four kids who declared their faith in Jesus, and a mom and daughter. The emotion of it all caught me off guard.  Thanks to the amazing UpStreet crew for a great day.  If you missed this Family Birthday Celebration, don't miss the next one!
    • Thanks to our friends at Harvest Bible Chapel.  They lent us the facility for our Family Birthday Celebration.  Their staff and leadership are so kingdom minded – they've helped Connexus so often.  Thanks Harvest.  You rock!
    • Everyone's asking what's happening Christmas Eve.  Deets are here.  Don't miss it.  You'll be sorry if you did!
    • Revolutionary Love still has a few weeks left, but the two series after that excite me incredibly.  Stay tuned!

    So let me end the day just thanking God and saying thanks to you!

    – Carey


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