Sunday Brain Dump

Happy Family Day weekend.  How's it going?  Today was a bit off the hook at Connexus.  Really thankful to see what God is doing.  Some random thoughts as the sun shines warm into the kitchen at the Nieuwhof home Sunday afternoon:

  • Jeff Brodie gave a great message in Orillia!  Although Jeff's only been
    with us for under six months as our student ministry director, he's
    already having a big impact.  Thanks for leading the charge today in
    Orillia Jeff!
  • The Barrie campus was a bit nuts today.  10:00 was packed to the walls as we launched Orange Families.  Our goal: to help families win at home.  Five more weeks in this series, and I'm pumped for each of them!
  • If you are finding the 10:00 a.m. too full, try the 8:30 service.  I promise you, we can accomodate you there!
  • What blew me away was not just the number of families that came out, but how many singles were out.  Great to see many people who are not yet parents interested in parenting.  Go figure.
  • Thanks to those of you who are checking our podcasts.  Find the complete archive of Connexus audio and video podcasts on iTunes.  Three simple steps:
    • If you need iTunes, click here and download it.  If you have it, skip to the next step.
    • Open iTunes, and type "Connexus Community" in the search window (top right), or search "Carey Nieuwhof".  Both will lead you to our podcasts. Select the audio or video cast. Your choice and select "subscribe".
    • Next time you open up iTunes, you'll find Connexus under podcasts in iTunes.  Hit "get all" to get our archive.   Future episodes will download automatically when you hit "refresh all" in your podcast window. 
    • You don't need to own an iPod or MP3 player to watch a podcast.  Anyone with a computer can participate.  Of course if you have an iPod, the message can go with you wherever you go.
  • Men are liking this thing called church.  I keep hearing this from women: "If we went to church before, it was me who dragged the family out.  Now, my husband is the one who wants to come.  He gets us ready." Or from men I hear "I didn't used to go to church.  But I get this.  Thanks!"   Guys – that's so cool.  That's why we often play dude music (screaming electric guitar and kickin drums) at Connexus – it's for you.
  • Someone I was talking to said he loved Connexus because the message is like pre-school.  His point:  he gets it.  Finally.  Never understood it before.  I know many preachers would be insulted.  I took it as a huge compliment.   If your goals as a preacher is to confuse people or dazzle them with how unintelligble (read "deep") you are, maybe you shouldn't be preaching. The Gospel is hard enough to "do".  We shouldn't make it hard to understand.
  • Our volunteers are tops.  You guys take it up a notch every week!  Privilege to serve alongside all of you at all of our campuses (Hey, Muskoka launches next month!).

Thanking God for all you.  Bring a friend next week.  Many of you have, and it's changing lives and families.

– Carey



  1. Angela Welsman says, February 16, 2009 at 6:24 am

    Hi Carey,
    I just wanted to encourage you in your ministry. I am teaching in Indonesia right now, for two years and I download your video podcast weekly.
    It is so great to have a piece of home in my livingroom and great messages communicated through you.
    Thank you for using technology in this way. More often than not your messages are hitting home, right along side with what God is teaching me. You've challenged me and I'm thankful for that.
    Terima Kasih,

  2. Just some body says, February 16, 2009 at 9:45 am

    Carey, thanks for the great message. I was a bit worried about this series to tell you the truth and was thinking, because my own family life is a bit mixed up, that I might kind of skip much of this series because I wasn't really looking forward to feeling guilty about my parenting mistakes and family issues for six weeks.

    But instead you started off validating how all people and families live in brokeness and how God has always used that powerfully. And how we are all in this together: church and families. And how God loves as how we are. So, it was a very supportive and helpful message. Thanks.

  3. Carey Nieuwhof (Connexus Community Church) says, February 16, 2009 at 9:56 am

    Thanks for the feedback. I really believe most parents feel intimidated and feel like they are failing in one way or another. Ironically, that positions us for God to use us in powerful ways.

    At our house this morning (Monday), I remembered yet another really dumb parenting trick I tried to use on our kids when they were young. I'll have to share that one at some point.

    Angela – great to hear from you in Indonesia. We have heard from listeners/viewers all over Canada, the US, Africa, the Phillipines and now Indonesia. Cool! Anyone else out there?

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