Sunday Brain Dump

A great day at Connexus yesterday.  I'm loving the "Jesus the Guru" series . . . great stuff!  Fun to see so many new people coming to be a part of what's goin' on Connexus.  For my Sunday Brain Dump this week I took a series of photos with the trusty cel phone camera when something caught my eye.   Come and wander around with me!

First thing in the mornings I drop stuff at both of our campuses.  As I pulled into Barrie it was great to see our drivers again delivering all of our trailers.  Without these drivers Connexus would happen every Sunday.  Do you know someone who could help us with driving?  Email Brian today!

What's going on in this photo?  As I pulled into the Orillia parking lot to help to set up . . . I noticed again that our leaders parked their cars on the far side of the parking lot.  Leaving room for our guests.  It's a small thing.  But very important.



We've been tweaking our video in Orillia for the last couple weeks.  Noticed anything that's better?  I like the look that I just happen to catch on Carey's face while Hal and I were fiddling with settings.



Did you get a chance to see the good work that our Family Ministry department has been doing with the "Family Fuel" packs?  I know in our house it is serving to reinforce the virtue so far this month.  This is the "prize chest" where kids can cash in their "Family Fuel Points" for great stuff.



Our VIP Suite at our Orillia Campus.  If you don't volunteer with our teams you probably haven't seen this room.  A great place to hang out, eat some snacks and relax during the morning.  It's always a highlight for me to chat for a bit with people in our VIP Suites.



This is a shot of our band and video guys going through the final paces getting ready for the morning.  I am so thankful for our music teams.  We are so fortuned to have such a great community of artists.



Over the last couple weeks we've been giving away copies of Lee Strobel's book "The Case for Christ" to first time guest.  A part of the form that they have to fill out asks the question "What was the first thing that noticed today?"  So much of the feedback we are getting is directly related to a great job by our Host Team.  They are doing a bang up job making people feel welcome.  Thanks!



Here are our Orillia Hosts Rob & Rose on stage doin' their thang . . . I love these guys.  It's because of commitment of folks like the Meeder's that we are able to do what we need to do to make Connexus the kind of place we can invite our friend to.  Rose just gave birth to their their daughter less than two weeks ago!



This is a pretty dark picture … but a neat time.  During the morning in Xtreme our music leader in there, Natalie, is up on stage leading. It was a quite song, a fire was projected on the screen behind here . . . felt like I was at camp!



This is a funny picture . . . those blurs on the stage are our a part of our large group communicators team in UpStreet.  Every week we host singing and dancing with these kids. . . it's a lot of fun.



I love this picture. . . This is Nadine (our family ministry executive director) sitting with a member of our tech team in UpStreet making sure that things go well.  Interested in helping in tech in Family Ministry?  Email Nadine today!


We have so much to be thankful for at Connexus.  A great community of volunteers!  Physical resources to do some pretty great stuff. And friends and family to invite to church! It was great to see so much of that in action yesterday in my travels.

So . . . what about you?  What did you notice yesterday?

Rich Birch
[email protected]
Executive Director of Operations
Connexus Community Church


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  1. Chrisitne Birch says, April 14, 2008 at 3:02 pm

    I was so thankful yesterday! I had a "brand new to church" friend and her family at church yesterday. It was her third time, her husbands first. I was thankful for members of my community group taking the time to welcome her…and remember her name from the week before!

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