Sunday Brain Dump . . . Orillia

Hey friends,

Some photos from around our Connexus location in Orillia today!  What did you notice?  What caught your eye?













–> Hollywood was picking up on the trends that Connexus was setting during the "God & Sex" series and decided to throw together a little movie called "Sex and the City".  The thinly disguised attempt to capitalize on the trend we are setting can be seen in the name of the the lead character – Carrie!
Chocolate Over the last two Sundays we have given out over 1000 of the world's best chocolate bars!  A yummy treat for everyone indeed!  Who knew church could taste so good!
Upstreet Our UpStreet team rocks!  Every week they do their best to host a great environment for kids.  I was walking around this morning and just happen to walk in on my daughter on stage doing some fun stunt for her UpStreet friends!

It was a great morning!  Thanks again Connexus friends for making it a good time for all!

Rich Birch

Connexus Community Church
[email protected]


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