Sunday Brain Dump

Hi from Alpharetta Georgia.  Here for two days of meetings with our other Strategic Partner friends at North Point, and I can't wait to get home.

In the periodic Brain Dump tradition we've got here at Connexus, I thought I'd have a go at it this Sunday night. 

Some random thoughts from my small brain:

  • So glad we had Andy Stanley teach these last weekends at Connexus.  I heard him in video at Wiregrass Church in Dothan Alabama this morning where I worshiped.  Andy just never misses, and he always makes me think in fresh ways.  Plus, he's the real deal. 
  • It was great to be at Wiregrass this morning and seeing hundreds of people who likely would not be connecting with God if these guys weren't doing what they did.  The team there is awesome!  Made me think of what you're doing, and who today wouldn't be at church if we weren't doing what we've been called to do.  Thanks!
  • I miss you guys.  We have a fantastic community at home.  I was awake at 6 a.m. and thought and prayed for our e-teams and Sunday crew.  You guys INSPIRE me.
  • Attendance is down a little but not that much for the summer.  That's encouraging!  Can't wait till we're all back.  August is usually better than July.  September should bring us all back.  But the people who miss late July and August will kick themselves.
  • Givings are up.  A lot.  And they were already trending well.  Only explanation? God is moving in people's hearts.  Strong giving is so critical in a start up year.  If the trend continues, we might soon be operating with margin.  Man, for those of you who have given sacrificially – THANK YOU! If you want to get in on this, click here.
  • So anxious to start our new series "Stairway to Heaven/Highway to Hell".  Next week's message has been burned into my mind for over a week now and I'm anxious to get it out.  It's all about our priorities in light of eternity.  Bring a friend! Watch our site for a preview trailer later this week.
  • People are lining up to be baptized August 10th.    If you want to be baptized, click here.  There's still time.  The water's much warmer in August than December. :0)
  • People who serve in family ministry probably have no idea the legacy they are leaving.  I saw 1400 kids worshiping this week.  I thought of our Waumba Land, Upstreet, Xtreme and InsideOut team and just gave thanks.  You guys make me cry. Good tears.
  • I wish every parent on the planet and every church leader on the planet could partner together to raise this next generation so they are fully alive in Christ.  We're aiming to do our part in this at Connexus.
  • I'll probably get in trouble for saying this, but we have had some great talks with some amazing candidates for our Director of Student Ministry role.   Can I say that?  I just did.  I am excited. Stay tuned.
  • I LOVED seeing the baptism videos played back so far.  I hope when the baptism videos are played back on Sundays you scream and cheer like you were at the Stanley Cup
    finals.  Cuz this is actually more important than the Stanley Cup
    finals. Seriously.
  • It's on my heart to pray and fast before we launch into the fall.  More on that. 
  • Have you started thinking about who you'll invite to come with you this fall?   I'm praying for some friends but they're pretty stuck spiritually (I hope they don't read this and if they do, I hope they don't realize this is about them. Identities are secret to protect the innocent).  That makes me pray all the more. I won't give up.
  • Have you started thinking about Group Link?  If you're not in a group, you've got to take the plunge. I love mine.  September 21st is the date.
  • Stay tuned for an awesome environment called Engage.  Save the date.  It's September 7th.
  • I want an iPhone 3G, which makes me very selfish. There is nothing wrong with my Blackberry.  Hence I will probably not get an iPhone.
  • The Dark Knight is the biggest box office weekend in history.  The Joker haunts me.  He's likeable, detestable and believable all at the same time.  Plus, his kind of morality is the kind of morality that might rule if we didn't have Christ.  Wicked.
  • I am feeling personally energized and maybe more ignited for Christ than I have in a few years.  For those of you who pray for me and our staff and team at Connexus daily, thanks!
  • I can't wait to get back on my bike.  It is being tuned up since I bent the front rim back in June.  Can't rent a bike in Panama City Beach.  I feel blubbery and want to ride 30 km on Wednesday night when I'm home. 
  • I miss our staff team.  I love those guys, our volunteers and you. The only part that stinks about coming home is that many of our team are on vacation.  Good for them, but it stinks to have to wait to see everyone again.

Okay…my brain is way fuller than that but I'm sure this is already over 1000 words or something.

You are one great crew.  Can't wait to be home.  See you soon!

– Carey


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  1. Carey Nieuwhof says, July 20, 2008 at 7:38 pm

    Sorry this post is so long. I can't believe how long it looks once it got posted.

    I must have had some stuff pent up inside I guess.

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