Sunday Brain Dump

Hey friends . . .

It's nice to be back from a week with the inlaws in Myrtle Beach.  (Wait . . . that might sound like I don't like being with my inlaws!  Nothing can be further from the truth.  We had a great time hanging out with them.)  Last Sunday we visited two churches (I know . . . I know. . .  What does this pastor do when he's on vacation? Go to church!) and it was fun to see what was going on Beach Church and kidstuf at Ocean View Baptist Church.  Even though it was nice to go on vacation – it was great to be at our Barrie location this morning.  I saw a few things that I thought I would quickly blog about here . . .

Intentional Apprenticing – I was so proud of a number of our team leaders that I saw training new people today.  This is a sure sign that we are moving beyond the start up mode and getting into a much more sustainable pace.  Thank you to everyone who is looking to recruit new team members and then see them well trained and ready to go!  Who are you making sure can take your place?  It helps us prepare for growth and allows other people get plugged into the community!  Reproduce yourself today!

Constant Improvement – Today I went wandering around our environments looking for people I could help.  As always our E-Team did a great job getting everything ready to go!  (Plug . . . if you looking for a great team to join . . . jump on board with the E-Team!)  –>
I wandered into UpStreet and saw that someone took some great initiative and set up the lights in a really cool way.  I took a picture to show you.  They used the coloured gel lights to make a multi-coloured "box" around the video screen.  This extra colour on the screen just made the room pop!  I'm sure that we can all think of ways that we could help improve our environments on a Sunday morning.  This was a simple but great example of a team member taking some initiative to improve the environment that didn't cost us any extra money but made a nice difference.  If you are serving on a team … can you think of something like this that could improve our service to our guests?  Talk with your team leader about those ideas!

Great Team Leaders – I also had a quick conversation with two team leaders today that were looking for ways to make the experience of their teams.  It was great to see them looking for ways to make the service opportunity better for the people on their teams. I am so thankful for the people that step up to lead our teams. It is because of their leadership that we are able to host so many guests every week.  Thanks team leaders!

Anyways . . . enough for the brain dump.  I'll have to start digging out from the emails and voicemails.  Glad to be back at work!

Rich Birch
[email protected]
Executive Director of Operations
Connexus Community Church


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