Road Trip to Orillia

So yesterday I took a little road trip to our Orillia campus to teach live for the first time.  I had been joking with some church leaders that I pastor a church I've actually never been to — which until yesterday is technically true.  I hadn't been able to even attend a single service because of my preaching commitments and our video schedule.  Anyway, I loved it!  Thank you Orillia.  You were so kind and so welcoming and it was so much, well, fun!

Here's what made an impression on me about Connexus Orillia:

  • An incredibly infectious positive spirit in people.
  • Dedicated enthusiasm about serving in all environments!
  • Passionate ownership of the mission.
  • Numerous new faces (thanks for inviting your friends)
  • The facilities were so clean.

As I pointed out to people in both services, while I was genuinely glad to be there, we need to continue to imagine how we can leverage our leadership in fresh ways so more people can begin a relationship with Jesus.  As Connexus continues to grow at our existing campuses and then into more campuses in the future, it's exciting to imagine what will happen as we are able to open up more and more relevant environments for people who are far from God.

Great to be together in a fresh way yesterday!


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