Revolutionary Response – Describe How Connexus Has Impacted You

So yesterday we revealed our Barrie campus' response to the invitation to describe how God moved in their lives in 2008. 

Today, we're shifting subjects and outlining peoples' responses to this question: What single word would you use to describe how Connexus has impacted you in this past year?

Again, the bigger the font size, the more people who used that phrase.  Check it out:

–> Pretty amazing results, aren't they?  I think it's fascinating that "challenged" and "community" were the two most commonly used words, followed by "family", "community" and "belonging".  And, judging from the other adjectives, a place of inspiration, hope, grace, change, love, truth and even revolution.

What do you think of that? 

To me, that's fantastic!  If God isn't stretching me, I'm not growing.   We're trying to blow up peoples' conception of church…trying to get us out of the rut that so many Christ-followers have been in, moving us from "it's about us" to "it's about others."  Trying to shape a community that is as much about who's not in the room as who's in the room…about friends and family who have yet to enter a growing relationship with Jesus.  Trying to get a community to give its life away, not keep it.  For me, that's deeply challenging but so necessary.  Because I'm not like that, except for the impact of Jesus on my life and the support and encouragement of a community that will help me become a different person.

Tomorrow…some stories.  Stay tuned!

So there it is…(thanks to our Wordle friends again for the word cloud). Love to hear more from you today.


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