Remembering Randall

Many of you will remember hearing Randall Pugh's story at Connexus a few months ago.

Randall's story moved so many of us.  It's amazing to me that a man who didn't attend church showed up at our church at Christmas 2010 because a friend invited him, invited Jesus into his life and then proceeded to invite dozens of his friends and family to attend with him. All of which took place while he was battling a very aggressive cancer.

On Tuesday morning, February 21st, Randall went to meet the Saviour who died and rose again for him.

If you haven't heard Randall's story which we filmed four months ago, I hope you take a few minutes to watch it.


Randall's funeral is being held tomorrow, Thursday February 23rd at 11:00 a.m. at Adam's Funeral Home in Barrie. Details are available here.

I know so many of us have been moved by Randall's story.  It's been incredible to be able to journey with his family and friends who have also become a part of the community here.

I am so proud of  all of you who make up Connexus for helping us create a church that Randall and his family loved to attend. When I hear a story like Randall's, I am reminded that everything you've done and everything you've given is completely worth it.

Please remember the Pugh family in your prayers…and thank you for being the kind of community that God can use to shape stories like Randall's.

Randall, we will miss you. And we are richer for having known you. I know what we now only see in part, you now fully see. And for that, I am grateful.

– Carey


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  1. Sarah & Steve Dobson says, February 22, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    Your story inspired patients at our office that you knew to try Connexus, they loved it so much they told me about it, I loved Connexus so much I began bringing my children, then my husband who refuses church started coming with me, We met friends from Atlanta through Connexus who have become great friends, and our children are now friends. We tell everyone we know about Connexus, even my husband will now have conversations about church and “our church” that he never would before. It all came out of a simple conversation in our office about your story and what Connexus has done for you. I hope you know that you have touched lives of people you never met.
    Thank you for touching mine

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