Radical Followers

Often we can talk a good game in the Christian world, but the real issue is who lives a good game? The longer I live my life as a Christ follower, the more I ask why my life doesn't look more like Jesus' life. It's easy to talk compassion and sacrifice, I love it when Christ-followers go out and do it.  I want to foster that kind of atmosphere as a community.

So that's why I'm excited about some of the things our people at
Connexus are doing to make an impact on our community and the globe –
an impact that's costing them something and expressing their faith in
real terms.

Sarah Flemming and Jessie Scott, two college students at Connexus,
are heading to South Africa and then to Mozambique in early June to
work with children through some local churches. They'll be taking some
of the things they've learned here to provide a vibrant teaching
environment there.   Sarah writes:

Here are some of
our prayer requests. From what I have learned this far, men and women
have very different places in the community, so it will be necessary
for us (Sarah and Jessie) to abide by culture expectations in our
actions and appearances.  It is winter in Mozambique, but temperatures
are still soaring during the daytime, and living conditions will be
rough and unhygienic, please pray for our health and safety as we
work.  We will run into things that will break our hearts, please pray
for our strength and courage. Most importantly, please pray for our
unity as a team, and that we will be open to transformation in
ourselves as we serve with the love of Christ and see what He sees.

met with another Connexus volunteer on Monday who is going to India in
November to work with some of the "untouchables" in the name of Jesus.  Way to go Bill!

Another Connexus couple is spending their honeymoon in Africa working among the poor in Jesus' name (isn't that awesome?)!  And I've spoken before about Bill Fitch (who will be part of our
Muskoka campus) and his amazing work training African church leaders through Listen2Learn.

On the local scene, groups and individuals are serving at places as diverse as the Light House Men's Shelter and the Pregnancy Resource Center.

This is all in addition to the great work so many of our people have done and will be doing in Guatemala.  Last March, numerous Connexus families traveled over the March break to work with the people of Guatemala.  Guatemala will be a natural focus for GlobalX (our international mission arm) when it launches in the next twelve months.

We live out our faith when we give out our faith.  You're a community that makes me grateful to be your pastor.  Thanks for expressing your love for Jesus into the community and this world at large.  You inspire me!

Carey Nieuwhof
Lead Pastor 


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