Our Thrive Mission Goal

So this weekend in Barrie and on April 17th in Orillia, we are asking everyone to bring their Thrive offering.  Not only do we want families to thrive by living with margin (listen to the message Paralyzed here), but we want everyone to live on mission as well.  We want our collective mission at Connexus to Thrive as well.  I'll be sharing my heart on that more in Part 3 of Thrive.

The Thrive offering has two parts;

A one time gift. We simply asking people to bring their best – a one time over and above gift to help Conneus Thrive.

A Thrive increase – a weekly or monthly increase in your normal level of giving.

Together these gifts can help us reach an unprecedented number of people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ in 2011 and be a church that unchurched people love to attend.

Now we haven't set a financial goal for this offering.  Instead, we've set this goal

Our goal is to have every family participate. Put simple, we want you to participate.

Not just because of what it will do for us collectively at Connexus, but because of what it will do for you.  I believe it will grow your faith, grow your trust and grow your confidence in God.  And when you look back on your life and really the hundreds – even thousands of lives – your investment has changed, you'll be so thankful you did.

So this Sunday, bring your best.  And we'll see what God does – for you and for the wider community.

– Carey



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