Orange Questions

So we had a fantastic kick off weekend to our Orange Families series at both campuses!  If you missed it, you can catch the series here or grab the podcast by clicking here (just click onto the 'subscribe' link once you're on our page). 

THANK YOU to everyone who invited friends and family to join them.  We really believe that Jesus makes a huge difference in people's lives, and we simply want to create the kind of environment where people can see that a relationship with God is real and relevant.  Thanks for bringing them!

Did you know in Orillia last weekend, 22% of the kids in Upstreet and Waumba land were first time guests?  Awesome?  Did you know that for the launch of Orange Families in Barrie, we had our highest attendance ever since we launched?  Grateful!  These numbers simply mean on thing: real people are being impacted.  The Kingdom is growing.  So grateful we get to do this!

Well, now that we're into the series on both campuses, I would love to hear some real time feedback on your questions and struggles to paint your home orange.

  • How do you struggle with leveraging your influence at home as parents?
  • What do we do at Connexus that helps you win at home?  What other resources would be helpful (we have some planned)?
  • If you had to name a top struggle at home in terms of helping your kids grow morally and spiritually, what would it be?

We're here to serve, and so grateful we've the rest of the month of March to finish the series and paint your family and Connexus orange. 


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