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Hi from Atlanta!  I'm spending a few days here with some friends in ministry who are doing more than anyone I know to help church leaders and parents work together to help families win at home.

And while I'm working with them, I'm doing some writing for our next series, Orange Families.  It starts in two weeks, but we're telling you about it now so you can get ready.   Get ready to engage your family (starting February 15th in Barrie, February 22nd in Orillia) and start thinking about who else you know that might benefit from this series.  We have some fun and crazy things planned for the series, but deep down, we just want to see families win spiritually. 

Here's a sampling of what we're going to talk about over this six week series.  Usually we don't share the content of what's coming up.  But we are so pumped about this series and think it might really be able to help families, that we wanted to share it all with you up front.

Here's what we'll be talking about during the series:

Part One | The Influential Parent
As much as parents are tempted to think otherwise, no one has more influence on the life of a child than a parent.  But what do you do with all that influence? We’ll introduce you to an unlikely partner for parents and a set of values that can help you steer things in an encouraging direction at home.  Together, we’ll start thinking Orange.

Part Two | Imagine the End
No child comes with a manual attached. And as diligent as parents are, parenting can be overwhelming.  The urgent can overtake the important.  How do keep your focus on the right things as a parent?  This week we’ll introduce you a pivotal question that can substantially clarify the goal of parenting. 

Part Three | Fight for the Heart
Rules.  Relationships.  Families are a mixture of both.  Sometimes, though, in the midst of dealing with rules, families lose can lose the relationship. When you lose the relationship, you can lose your child’s heart. This weekend, we’ll look at why it’s so critical for parents to fight for the heart of their child.

Part Four | Make it Personal
When you sign up for parenting, you sign up for sacrifice.  But there is one thing a parent should never sacrifice.  In fact, if you do, you may lose the thing that will ultimately be the most important thing in your child’s life as well as in yours.

Part Five  | Create a Rhythm
So if you are going to develop your children’s spiritual and moral character, how exactly do you do it?  More specifically, how do you do it when your family schedule is already full?  This week, we’ll introduce Orange families to an ancient rhythm that has the potential to transform your home.

Part Six | Widen the Circle
As much as most parents want to be the primary voice in a child’s life, Orange parents understand that they shouldn’t be the only influence.  Orange parents widen the circle of influence in their child’s life with surprisingly powerful results.  We’ll show you why that approach is key to your child’s development and we’ll show you how to do it. 

Whether your kids are in preschool or highschool, whether they've grown and flown the coop, or whether you're still thinking that one day you might be a parent, Orange Families can make an impact in your life.

We'd love for you to think and pray about who you might invite to this series.  We just want to see families win.  Not just church families, but all families – our neighbours, our friends, our community. 

– Carey


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