One Question Everyone Can Ask

Over a year ago at Connexus, we made a key decision.  We decided to stop all external forms of ‘advertising'.  No more flyers in the mail.  We canceled our weekly radio show.  In fact, we stripped back to the reality that the only evidence of our presence in the community midweek was going to be the lives of our people (and, of course, our website and the sign on our office in South Barrie).  Other than that, you'd never know Connexus existed.  What you and I did and how we interacted with our friends and neighbours was going to be the key to our future. 

The reason wasn't financial.  It was based on a growing conviction about the way to be the church and grow the church. We believe the best way for the Kingdom of God to spread is for people who follow Jesus to tell other people who don't follow Jesus about it.  It's simple actually. The church should grow because Christians are investing in the lives of our friends and neighbours who don't go to church and don't have a relationship with Christ and inviting them into a relationship with Christ. 

The early church didn't need billboards, flyers or mass marketing to grow.  They grew relationally – because people told people. We'd never say advertising is wrong; we just wanted to try something different.  We wanted you and I to live out our faith.

Since we made the change, a surprising thing has happened.  We've had a full year of steady growth.  People are telling people.  We have a number of people lining up to be baptized this summer who weren't even in church 12 months ago…but you invited them out.  Thank you!  You're changing lives. Get ready to hear a series of stories this summer and fall about the lives that are being changed. 

As we head into June, I want to share one question with you that I'd love for you to ask at some point this summer.  Ask it of someone you know well – a friend, family member or co-worker.  It's so simple anyone can ask it.  And it just might change their life forever.  The question is this:

Will you come to church with me this weekend? 

As person after person has invited friends to come with them to our campuses, that question has been pivotal.  We have an incredible summer lined up at Connexus, and we'd just love you to bring someone with you.  

It's amazing, but as story after story gets written at Connexus, this simple question "Will you come to church with me this weekend" might actually be the catalyst for hundreds, and one day thousands, of changed lives.

Who will you invite this summer?

And finally, for discussion, is there anything we can do to make it easier for you to invite your friends?


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  1. Sabine says, May 27, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    Hi Carey

    Isn’t it amazing? Which a simple question or -in my case- sentence I was connected. I discovered Connexus and finally am feeling “at home”, “arrived”…at “right location”.

    But..take in consideration how great and wonderful it is in my case. Living in Switzerland and learning about Connexus and being connected!

    It was a pleasure to see you in person and to see you again next time!

    Warmest regards from far far away,


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