Oh Baby (Dedication)!

From the moment our e-team members hitch the first trailer onto a truck early Sunday morning, till when the entire symphony of our amazing volunteers are serving in their respective area, each volunteer plays a vital role in causing a ripple effect that continues throughout the week! Not just in our adult environment but in our family ministry environments too.  Every Sunday we are privileged to host almost two hundred kids!  Kids who are genuinely excited to be there, kids who love meeting their friends, connecting relationally with their group leaders and learning about what it means to know Jesus.   It’s exciting to say the least!

But regardless of the great time we have together on Sundays, we realize that our time together at church is short.  In fact at Connexus we believe that what happens at home is more important that what happens at church.  Which is why the ripple effect our volunteers create is so important! We want to do our best to equip parents to continue having conversations with their kids at home.  Conversations about the same things we are talking to their kids about on Sunday.  We also believe it starts when kids are still in diapers, in fact it starts from the day they are born.

Needless to say I am excited that our upcoming Family Birthday Celebration will feature both baby dedication (for the first time ever at Connexus), and the baptisms of kids that have chosen to publicly declare they want to follow Jesus for the rest of their lives!   Our Family Birthday Celebration is a double whammy of sorts!

For those who are curious, baby dedication is a commitment parents make in front of family and close friends, to put God first in their home and to trust in Him as their source of direction as they lead their family and parent their child.  You can check out all of the details about baby dedication by clicking here

If you are interested in baby dedication and want to celebrate it at our next Family Birthday Celebration, let us know by clicking here!  Applications for Baby Dedication must be received by May 10th and spaces are limited.

If you and your child has attended one of our Jump Start events and are interested in being baptized, email Jenn Bailey at [email protected] before May 3rd to let us know!

If you want to get a taste of the good things that are happening in Waumba Land and Upstreet you won’t want to miss the next Family Birthday Celebration on Sunday May 24th.


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  1. name says, April 21, 2009 at 12:57 pm

    Carey on Sunday was the 1st time since I been attending Connexus that I felt I need to make a comment I know it must have been hard for you to talk about the money and you did mention that in your message and I understand this but when you finished your message with a money back guaranty that did not sit right with me and I just felt that I need to share this with you I will add that this is the 1st time since I been going that I felt this way you really do a great job but I did feel that I need to say this

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