Meet Bob Goff

In Hijacked Part 3, I told a story about Bob Goff.  Bob is an ordinary lawyer (let's face it, there are tens of thousands of us lawyers) who has developed an incredible life.

Why?  In large measure because his life seized by a compelling mission.  In the message I talked about how the desire we feel for change gets hijacked so foten by  the status quo.  I shared Bob's story as a current example of a man who refuses to let the status quo stop him.   Like Peter and John, Bob's life has been propelled out of the status quo through his encounter with Jesus.

You can listen to the message here, and for those of you (I suspect there will be many) who want more of Bob's story, we've included a YouLead podcast I did recently with Bob for OrangeLeaders.  I love this interview because Bob amazes me with his story…I could hardly believe what I was hearing. Here's my interview with him:

[powerpress]  (If you can't see this player click here to play.)

Incredible story, isn't it?  You can read more about Bob at his blog or here on Donald Miller's blog.

Now for the challenge:  what do you think you might do with the status quo this week?  It might not be to write to world leaders or throw a street party, but it has to be more than saving money on tuna at Walmart and playing golf in your retirement.  How is God gripping your life with a compelling sense of mission?


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