Make Your Family Day Count!

At Connexus we love families.  As our kids grow up, a parent’s greatest tool becomes influence built on relationship.

This coming Monday we encourage you to take advantage of Family Day to strengthen relationships with your kids.  

Looking for some ideas of what you can do?  Here’s a list we’ve put together for you.  Feel free to share these with friends and family!


Local Activities for Families

Check out the skating times, gym, or pool in the cities of Barrie or Orillia

Try tubing at Snow Valley or check out activities at Horseshoe.

Check out what the local YMCA has planned in your area!

 Snowmanmania!  Even the name sounds awesome.

Be a rebel and Fish Without a License!

Love nature?  Try activities at the Wye Marsh, the annual Backyard Bird Count, or the Tiffin Centre.

Love the Arts?  Try the family workshop at the MacLaren Art Centre.


Tips For Fun At Home

Prepare meals ahead of Monday so that you can spend more time together.


Prepare meals together on Monday and have some fun.  Maybe a personal pizza making contest?

Go tech-free for the day!  Yes that’s right.  We did a tech-free challenge last year on Family Day and we had lots of feedback that it was a great experience for families.

Build a snow fort or a blanket fort

Have a living room picnic while you watch a movie.  Here's some helpful movie reviews for you.

Set-up a treasure hunt for your kids.

Pick up a new best of 2012 board game ahead of Monday so you can build the anticipation of trying it out.  Or maybe play an old favourite.

Go for a walk or a hike.

Try geocaching as a family.

Skype or call a relative as a family.

Find an activity for each of the letters in FAMILY.  Sometimes the cheesy idea is the best idea!

Have any other Family Day ideas?  Let us know!

Jeff Brodie



  1. Carrie says, February 16, 2013 at 9:21 am

    Simcoe County Museum is fun too-they have some things on for families like retro tobogganing and race with snowshoes, etc., games, food…

  2. Jeff says, February 16, 2013 at 4:13 pm

    Thanks Carrie! The Barrie Advance posted details here–make-it-a-family-day

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