Love Our Volunteers!

So if you've been around Connexus for even a short while, you might know we tend to love on our volunteers.  We have hundreds of them, and we're crazy about them not just because they make the ministry at Connexus happen, but because we believe that serving is essential to growing.  As we shared a few weeks ago in the message Bigger Than You, serving others unlocks one of the purposes of your life. 

Last month, we held a big volunteer thank you event.  We had dinner, shared a great time of worship and communion with our music team and we also limboed, all in one night!  We gave away some prizes, and one of them was a Jason McCoy autographed guitar.  Jason has had a very successful career as a country music artist, both in his solo career and with the Road Hammers.  Jason, his wife and kids also call our Barrie Campus home.  

Casey Dobson, a fifteen year old Inside Out student,  won the guitar after ‘auditioning' for it at our volunteer event.  He and his family serve at our Barrie Campus.  We made all our volunteers who wanted it play to everyone else, American Idol style.  He rocked the house, and the crowd voted him the winner.

Jason was back in town yesterday (he travels a bit) and was on hand to present the guitar to Casey Dobson.   We thought we'd snap a picture or two and celebrate the moment.

Thanks again to everyone who makes Connexus what it is. Thank you for leading with heart and integrity week in and week out.  

There's a new volunteer event planned for a few months from now – and it will be bigger and better than anything we've ever done (stay tuned).  We're so excited to serve you as you serve Christ and help us create the kind church unchurched people love to attend.  Because of you, people are discovering what it means to be in a growing relationship with Christ. 

If you would love to get in on volunteering, you can sign up here or give us a call at 705.721.9090. 

Thanks Casey…thanks to all of you who serve, and thanks Jason for giving away the guitar!



  1. Dora & Walker Dobson says, March 22, 2010 at 10:28 pm

    This is a very proud moment for us as parents. Casey has a HUGE heart and a great many talents, that he often keeps to himself. It took a lot for him to get up on that stage and play in front of so many people, and the applause he received has increased his self esteem so much. He even played his guitar in front of our small group tonight.
    Thank you Connexus for giving us all an environment where we are able to be ourselves and give of ourselves as GOD intented.
    Thank you Jason for your very generous gift, you have made a teenage boy very happy and he would be very pleased to make people as happy as you do with the gift of music. In Christ. <

  2. carey says, March 23, 2010 at 11:36 am

    Now that’s just awesome. I hope we can always be the kind of community that coaches out the potential in all of us. So glad this has impacted your family so positively Dora and Walker. We’re grateful for you!

    – Carey

  3. Joey says, March 24, 2010 at 9:05 am

    It was awesome seeing Casey win the guitar. He did such a great job. Go Casey!

    Speaking of volunteers, River Valley church of Apple Valley, Minnesota, created this fun YouTube parody of a 1980s rock ballad for a Volunteer Night! It is AWESOME for volunteer appreciation and really funny!

    We’d gained a lot in volunteering at Connexus. Evan (aged 12) usually brings one or two friends to church with him and they help him and Steve with e-team tear down too in UpStreet. They all seem to like it and the donuts too of course!


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