It’s July – And We’re…Growing?

So in ministry world in Canada, summer is often a deadzone.  Not much happens.  Now that's never really been our philosophy at Connexus (we have a line up this summer that we are so excited about for adults and kids), but sometimes in the summer in ministry it feels like you are fighting gravity to get traction at church.

But this morning I looked out over the crowd in Barrie and talked to our Orillia crew and we both shared the same observation.  You couldn't tell it was summer.  People are bringing their friends, filling seats and sharing the experience with each other.  It's amazing.  It's July, and we're growing.

2009 so far has been a strong year, but what we're encouraged about is who is coming out.  One of the trends we've seen is more and more teens and adults in their early 20s (who were previously unchurched or had dropped out of church) coming to Connexus. The teen thing is doubly surprising.  Not only are they coming on their own initiative, but some of them are now dragging their unchurched parents to church.  Some of us grew up in a world where parents dragged kids to church.  It's just awesome to see the opposite happening.  

We would never claim any credit for that kind of thing – all we can do is our best.  It's God who changes lives and gives people a desire to know him better.

But we are taking a few minutes to say thank you!  Thank you to God, but thank you also to you.

Thank you for serving, giving and working so hard to create the kind of environment our friends and family want to come out to – especially those who never thought they'd go to church.  

I'm so thankful that we get to be a part of watching a growing number of people enter into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  People you thought you'd never see in church.  Even in July.

Love doing this with you!



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